Travel to Bochum

There are several airports within a reasonable distance of Bochum: Düsseldorf (DUS) – 40 km, Dortmund (DTM) – 30 km, Köln/Bonn (CGN) – 85 km, Weeze (NRN) – 100 km, Münster/Osnabrück (FMO) – 100 km.

Düsseldorf International

Düsseldorf International is not only the largest, but also the most easily accessed: there are direct connections between the airport and Bochum’s main train station, and the journey only takes around half an hour.

– By public transport

Local trains to Bochum depart directly from Düsseldorf Airport. To get there, you have to take the SkyTrain which connects the terminals with the train station of the airport. You have to purchase a ticket at the SkyTrain station for your way to the airport train station. At the train station you will find a service desk of the railway company (DB – Deutsche Bahn) and vending machines of the local public transport service (VRR). A single ticket at price level D costs 15,30 EUR and is valid for the travel to your final destination in Bochum. If you come in a group of up to five people you can also purchase a group ticket (also price level D) for 49,50 EUR.

The following regional trains will take you directly to Bochum: RE 1 direction to Hamm (Travel-time: approx. 35 min) – RE 6 direction to Minden (Travel-time: approx. 35 min) – S1 direction to Dortmund (Travel-time: approx. 55 min). Note that long distance trains are more expensive and you can’t use them with the tickets of the VRR.

To plan your trip from Düsseldorf International you might also want to check the journey planner on

– By taxi

There are always taxis ready and waiting for you in front of central arrivals. Prices to Bochum are around 115 EUR one way. To order a taxi you can also call Taxi Düsseldorf +49-(0)211-33333 or Rhein Taxi +49-(0)211-212121.

Airport Weeze
Weeze is mainly for low-cost carriers. The airport is not that easy to access and traveling requires a combination of buses and trains, or a lot of money for a taxi (around 180 EUR one way).
Information about how to get from the airport to Bochum can be found here:

Dortmund Airport

– By public transport

A non-stop shuttle-bus connects Dortmund Airport to the Central bus station in Dortmund (opposite the main railway station). The journey lasts 25 minutes and costs 8,50 EUR per passenger. Timetable available on

From Dortmund main station you have to take one of the following local trains to Bochum (non-stop): RE 1 direction to Aachen, RE 6 direction to Düsseldorf and RE 11 direction to Mönchengladbach.

A single ticket of the local public transport service (VRR), price level B, costs 5,90 EUR and can be purchased at ticket vending machines. A group ticket for up to five people costs 29,40 EUR.

– By taxi

There are always taxis ready and waiting for you in front of central arrivals. Prices to Bochum are around 60 EUR one way.